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About Me

Meet the CEO
Christina Sophia

Since obtaining her BA from Georgia State University in 2015, Christina Sophia has been providing professional consulting services to clients nationwide. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, her focus has always been on building efficacious relationships with her clients.

Christina Sophia will work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself, to better your credit status, and assist you to build a prosperous future for your life!

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Credible Credit & Co. provides consultation services that advise and assist clients in the rebuilding of their personal credit so that their credit reports reflect favorable FICO scores. Our services include the removal of all derogatory accounts such as collections, inquiries, and bankruptcies.

We work with clients and counsel them on the steps they need to take to improve their credit report status. We dispute derogatory accounts such as bankruptcy, inquiry, collections, and medical accounts. We guarantee results or we will refund your money!

Contact us today for your Free Consultation.


Credit Consulting

Our clients are our number one priority, and our services prove just how committed we are to helping them reach their credit goals successfully! 

 Book a discovery meeting with us today to learn more about how we can make your credit score thrive.

Pricing That Fits Your Budget!

We know that everyone's situation is different when it comes to credit, so we'll work with you no matter what! Our prices range from $200 -$2000. We offer payment plans that won't break the bank either!  During our consultation we will discuss a plan that best fits your needs!

Milestones and Goals Tracking

What goal did you set for the new year?
Purchasing a home or a new car? Starting up a new business? Well Credible Credit & Co. can help assist you, we will get your scores restored and then connect you to the lender that can turn your dreams into reality.

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At first when I met Christina I was hesitant to do business with her because she appeared to be so young. I am glad I did not judge her from her innocent appearance because I WAS SO WRONG. Christina told me her capabilities and which accounts she can delete. Within three months, Christina completely honored her promise and deleted my two bankruptcies Ch.13 and Ch. 7. My auto loan from Ally Financial and two credit card accounts. She even deleted two student loans I had as well. Christina is LEGIT.

Georgeanna R.

Christina started to clean my credit in June 2020. She was very prompted and kept me updated with every step of the process. Christina removed a bankruptcy from my credit report and a $21,000 credit card debt from Bank of America. She was done with my credit by mid August. I was shocked that my credit was done so quick and the accounts have NOT reappeared back on my credit since. I refer her to EVERYONE and I encourage anyone who wants financial freedom to do business with this Superwoman!

Daniel M.

I LOVE CHRISTINA SOPHIA! She changed my life for the better. I had over 25 inquiries on my credit report I was unaware of these inquiries, a friend told me about her and she deleted all of them. Christina also removed 7 medical accounts that were on my credit as well. She removed all these accounts in less than two months. I was shock and ecstatic because she got the job done. She is beyond reasonable and a very honest woman.

Amy W.

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Contact Me

Our primary office is located in the state of Georgia. We are willing to commute to meet with you personally however you will be charged a travel fee. An alternative we suggest is to meet with you via conference call or virtual media at your earliest convenience. Please note that it is protocol to allow our consultants to review your credit report in its ENTIRETY with the most recent report from all 3 credit bureaus in order for us to conduct an effective consultation.


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